Our 'Ultimate' Multi-Sports League - Explained

As you probably know already, we offer competitive, friendly leagues in a variety of different sports. We hope you also know about our 'ultimate' Multi-Sports League, but do you know exactly what it is and how it works? Well don't worry, here we explain all.

EJ Multi-Sports Leagues is unique in the fact that you can compete in different sports, and the results in your top 3 best performing sports are added together, so we can work out; just who is the best all round sportsperson in their local area? But, how do we work this out?

Our points system gives a certain amount of points to each player depending on where they finish at the end of the season/round. Have a look at the table below:

Shiel Dadrah (pictured) won the Medway summer 2018 MSL, and is just 1 of 3 previous MSL champions. The other two are Elliot Jones & Reece Foxon who have 6 MSL titles between them!

1st Place (PL) 300

2nd Place (PL) 240

3rd Place (PL) 192

4th Place (PL) 180

5th Place (PL) 160

6th Place (PL/D1) 140

7th Place (PL/D1) 128

8th Place (PL/D1) 120

9th Place (PL/D1) 116

10th Place (D1) 112

11th Place (D1) 108

12th Place (D1) 104

13th Place (D1/D2) 100

14th Place (D1/D2) 96

15th Place (D1/D2) 92

16th Place (D1/D2) 88

17th Place (D2) 80

18th Place (D2) 76

19th Place (D2) 72

20th Place (D2/D3) 68

21st Place (D2/D3) 64

22nd Place (D2/D3) 60

23rd Place (D2/D3) 56

24th Place (D2/D3) 52

25th Place (D3) 48

26th Place (D3) 44

27th Place (D3) 40

28th Place (D3) 36

29th Place (D3) 32

30th Place (D3) 28

31st Place (D3) 24

32nd Place (D3) 20

You'll notice in brackets there is PL (premier league), D1 (division 1) etc. Depending on the number of entries to that sport, players can be placed in different divisions. If there is only 9 entries to a sport, they will most likely all go into the premier league. If there are 10 entries, we would most likely split them in half. So for example, 5 in the premier league and 5 in division 1. The winner of division 1 would finish in 6th place overall, as they were 5 players ahead of him in the premier league, make sense? we hope so.

Lets take you back to our very first round. We launched EJMSL in October 2017 and the first round began in Verbier, December 2017. At the time we just had 4 sports available to enter. They were darts, pool, squash & tennis. Anyone entering at least 2 different sports was entered into our 'ultimate' MSL, but as its your top 3 sports that count, those entering 3 sports have an advantage straight away.

Verbier Winter 17/18 final 'Ultimate' MSL standings

You can see the golden '300' points represents the player won that specific sport, so Ben Darbyshire for example, won the pool league. If you wondering why there isn't a golden 300 in the darts column, thats because the winner, Sam Van Der Reijden only entered 1 sport (darts), so he wasn't entered into the MSL. So its not just your results against your MSL rivals that count, its your results against ALL players. The silver 240 is the runner-up and the bronze 192 is the 3rd place finisher. You can also see for example, Reece Foxon entered all 4 sports, but his total (812) is only made up of his best 3 sports (darts 240, tennis 240, pool 192).

So the maximum amount of points a player can end up with is 900. That means they won 3 sports (300 x3). Incredibly this has already been achieved, but only once. In the summer of 2018 in Verbier, Reece Foxon did just that. A total of 900 points after he won the golf, table tennis & tennis titles, unbelievable!


Ah good question. First of all, it goes to their average score of all the sports they entered (as picture in table above). But if they have entered the same amount, that will also be a tie. Failing that, we'd add up all the total individual wins from all their sports, with the most wins, the winner. Then we'd look at head to head in any sports that both players played in, if that is also a tie, we would add up how many opponents each player competed against in all their sports, the player who competed with more, wins. Surely it will never go down that far, or will it?. But so far we have had 7 MSL results and we have yet to have a tie in any of the top 3 positions.


We'd also like you to take note of the prizes for this league, they are simply the best prizes we offer! And what's great is all of the top 3 finishers win something. The 3rd place finisher wins a half-price voucher to any EJMSL sport they wish to enter in the future. The 2nd place finisher wins a FREE voucher to any EJMSL sport. But the champion receives FREE entry to any 3 sports! yes 3 sports, FREE! Plus they get an official EJMSL t-shirt (black for winter, white for summer) and their picture on our hall of fame, which features on our website homepage.

There really is nothing like our 'Ultimate' Multi-Sports League, its well worth getting involved. If you'd like to sign up for our winter season in Medway or Verbier, just click the link below.



Thanks for reading, and hopefully now you have more of an understanding of how our Ultimate MSL works.

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