Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play.

No one at this website or connected with the League can take responsibility for the safety or security of players whether playing at or in the facilities associated with the leagues, or elsewhere. Players compete at their own risk and it is the player's responsibility to ensure any venues used are safe for play. If they are not, you should not use them and, if appropriate, please report any concerns to whoever is responsible for managing the venue. Players are solely responsible for venue hire, equipment hire etc. Players must be 18 or older on the start day of a round. By playing in the league, players confirm that they are not aware of any medical conditions that would prevent them from taking part in an active sport. Sometimes the interpretation of the rules requires fine judgements to be made and the organisers' decision is final.

Privacy Policy
  • EJ Multi-Sports Leagues exists to give adults the opportunity to play friendly, competitive tennis in a league structure and we use personal information about you to help us do that.

  • We handle your personal data carefully and responsibly and abide by all current data protection regulation.

  • We do not share your details with third parties, except:

  • We share your email and phone number with the other players in the group of a round that you have been organised into

  • We don’t see or record bank or credit card details.

  • Our leagues are public leagues, which means matches played are recorded publicly on the website using real names and archived for future reference for anyone to see –  and you should bear that in mind when you join up! Like Tiger Woods or Venus Williams, win or lose, your match is there for all to see.