'Ultimate' Multi-Sports League - Explained

Our 'Ultimate' Multi-Sports League - Are you the best all round sportsperson in your local area? or do you just love playing different sports? This is the world's first Multi-Sports League of its kind, join today and try to earn your place in our 'Hall of Fame' - So how does it work?

  • Enter 3 or more of sports leagues. (see how 1 league works here)

  • You earn points in your multi league based upon your positions in your individual leagues.(See table, for example if you enter our golf league and finish 3rd, you earn 192 points)

  • So come the end of the round you can have a maximum of 900 points in your multi league (thats 1st in all 3 of your individual sports)

  • PRIZES - The champion at the end of the season will receive our ultimate sportsperson trophy, gain FREE entry to all sports they wish to enter the following round and get  added to our 'Hall of Fame' page forever, yes forever!

  • The MSL standings are decided by points, then sports won, then average, then total points from individual leagues, then total wins from individual leagues, then total amount of opponents in individual leagues. 

  • Coming in 2021 - Each MSL champion from each area will get to compete in an all expenses paid for trip to compete in our EJMSL Championships. Accomodation, food, drink and sporting venues all paid for! 

  • Compete for your place in history - Join here