Golfing Couple
How The Leagues Work (in brief)
  • Players are organised into divisions of up to 8 people, of a similar ability

  • All players are emailed each others contact details, and also added into a group chat either via Facebook or Whatsapp.

  • Players arrange their own matches

  • You can play at any venue you like

Squash Player
How The Leagues Work (continued)
  • Anyone aged 18 & over can enter.

  • All leagues are for single players.

  • You can enter as many different sports as you like.

  • It is up to you (the player) to contact your opponents in your league and arrange your matches/games.

  • 2 points are given to the winner of each tie and 0 Points for the loser. For Golf, a draw is possible, and in this case, both players receive 1 point.

  • The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the league. If there is a tie on points, the winner shall be determined by: Most matches played, Leg/Set/Frame/Hole Difference, then head to head. If there is still a tie, an extra match will be played to determine the winner.

  • If you complete half or more of your matches by the halfway point then you will earn 1 bonus point in the league! And if you complete all your matches before the end, you'll earn another bonus point. (So 2 bonus points in total up for grabs).

  • In leagues with multiple divisions, promotions & relegations will occur, in most cases 1 or 2 players will go up and down. However we cannot guarantee this as numbers of entries vary by round.

UK Leagues (continued)
Verbier Leagues (continued)

  • Each round is 2/3 months in duration.

  • You will therefore have 2/3 months to complete all your fixtures. (so don't pick too many sports if you don't have the time to play)

  • The Verbier winter round lasts nearly 5 months (Dec-Apr)

  • The summer round lasts nearly 3 months (Jun-Aug)