Meet the players - Shane Connor

This is our 4th edition of our 'meet the players' blog, This time we meet one of our London players for the first time!

Name: Shane Connor

League Location: Clapham

Age: 23

Nationality: English

Favourite EJMSL Sport: Darts

Seasons Played: 2

Sports Played: Darts

EJMSL Titles: 1 (Reigning Champion)

Best MSL Finish: N/A

Most Played Opp: Jonathan Kelly & Josh Graham (PL 2)

Favourite Opp: Paul O'Leary (PL 1 , W 1 (6-0))

Worst Opponent: Josh Graham (PL 2 , L 2)

Current Match Record: PL 11 (W 3 , D 3, L 5)

Why did you join?

I joined EJMSL because I wanted a new challenge and to meet new people. The people I've met have been absolutely wicked, and we've had some great darts nights.

Which sports have you competed in?

I have only competed in the darts and I absolutely love it. The competition aspect is great and it brings out the best of me.

What do you enjoy most about playing in the leagues?

I enjoy playing against the lads and having a right laugh, no matter if we win, lose or draw, we can always have a giggle.

Why would you recommend EJMSL to others?

I would recommend EJMSL to others because its a really enjoyable experience no matter what sport you do, as all the leagues are run in a similar format. For one, I'm 100% confident you will make new friends.

What's the funniest moment you remember?

I can't think of a specific moment, but every night we've had playing darts, has been funny.

What was your best performance/favourite match?

My favourite match has to be my first one against Jonathan Kelly. Even though I lost, I started superbly, was 3-0 up, had a couple of awesome 100+ finishes and scored a few 140s.

If you could add 1 sport / event that isn't currently available, what would you pick?

Cricket! 100% lets get a team together and call it the EJMSL Cricket Club.

Why should people play sport?

People should play sport, because it keeps you sane! Even though it can be stressful at times, you always look forward to playing..

Do you have any aims for any of the leagues, or anything you'd like to achieve?

I want to win the Clapham league again. Defend my title and win a trophy!

Lastly, what's your message to everyone reading this?

My message to all you readers is; if you like sport, join a league, even if you've only just started playing that sport. These leagues are perfect to just start playing some competitive matches. Trust me, join it! You will not regret it! You will also get to make many new friends. I cannot lie, some of the lads I've met whilst playing in the EJMSL Clapham darts league are friends I will have for life. I'm sure.

Thanks Shane!

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