Meet the players - Graham 'Wallbanger' Walkley

This is just the 3rd edition of our 'meet the players' blog, We bring you one of our legendary Verbier players.

Name: Graham 'Walbanger' Walkley

League Location: Verbier

Age: 40

Nationality: English

Favourite EJMSL Sport: Darts

Seasons Played: 6

Sports Played: Badminton, Darts, Petanque & Table Tennis

EJMSL Titles: 0 (Runner-Up x2)

Best MSL Finish: 9th (Sum 20)

Most Played Opp: Elliot Jones (PL 8, W 2, L 6)

Favourite Opp: Senna Foxon (PL 3, W 3)

Worst Opponent: Josh Glover (Pl 3, L 3)

Current Match Record: PL 54 (W 18, L 36)

Why did you join?

I joined EJMSL because I have a passion for sports and I love meeting new people.

What are your best sports?

Squash, Badminton & Darts. They are definitely my favourite 3 sports, but as the years go on, I hope to be playing more golf.

What do you enjoy most about playing in the leagues?

The thing I love most about playing in the leagues, is the sense of community it gives you here in Verbier. It helps you connect with everyone.

Why would you recommend EJMSL to others? And why?

Because if you love playing sports, its difficult to find people to play with, but if you join EJMSL, you'll find like-minded people to enjoy your favourite sports with. Its a no brainer!

What’s the funniest moment you remember?

Seeing someone so angry, that they threw their baseball cap at the dartboard! Its not just happened once either.

What was your best performance?

Beating defending Verbier Singles champ Myles Greenwood 2-1 in the same tournament a year later. He was destroying me, then I bought myself a ‘Shanghai’ Shot. Which is Absinthe, Chartreuse, Fernet Branca, Trash Can Mix & Tobassco. Then on my next go, I ‘shanghaied’ him, and went on to destroy him in the decider!

If you could add 1 sport/event that isn’t currently available, what would you pick?

Ah its gotta be Kabaddi. For those that don’t know, its an Indian sport. I’ve watched it on Transworld Sport on Channel 4, and it looks brilliant.

Why should people play sport?

Because you are alive, because sport is the ultimate drive for life. I wake up in the morning to play sport. It’s a life motivation.

Do you have any aims for any of the leagues, or anything you’d like to achieve?

I want to beat everybody, no preference on which sport.

Thanks Graham!

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