EJMSL Online Darts League Round 1 Results

The first round of our online darts league is over, and congratulations to our overall champion Neil Davis from Medway, he finished just 1 point ahead of Sam Van Der Reijden (Verbier) & Josh Graham (Clapham), with Josh also finishing unbeaten. Clapham appears to be the strongest of our 3 locations, with Carlos Becks & Bradley Wyatt finishing 4th & 5th in the premier league, and with Jake McHale winning division 1, winning every match in the process, and only losing 1 leg per match on average. Gary Hinton from Medway was 2nd in division 1, but it was very close between him, fellow Medway player Matt Cunningham and Verbier pair Jon Ahlsen & Elliot Jones. The highest checkout of the whole round came from Elliot Jones who checked out 106 to win his match against Ryan Flynn, which funnily enough was his 2nd highest throw of the entire match. Unfortunately division 2 saw the least action, with 3 players dropping out, Josh Glover from Verbier won the division but somehow finished with the lowest average from all divisions. Our division 3 was action packed. Matt Hughes led for most of the campaign, but every other player apart from Kathryn Dudfield occupied the runners-up spot on at least 1 occasion. But it was Will Jarrold who came through with 2 wins on the final day to take 2nd. Also on the last day, Hughes saw his 100% record end as he drew 4-4 with Ben Davis. The match between Clare Dudfield & Nathan Cook produced an incredible 115 dart leg. To put that in perspective, thats just 1 less dart than Josh Graham threw in his entire match when he beat Nico Visinand 5-0!

Here's a roundup of the results & stats:

* PL Champion: Neil Davis (Medway)

* D1 Champion: Jake McHale (Clapham)

* D2 Champion: Josh Glover (Verbier)

* D3 Champion: Matt Hughes (Verbier)

* Highest Total Average: Sam Van Der Reijden (Verbier) - 61.86

* Highest 1 Match Average: Neil Davis (Medway) - 74.21

* Best Leg: Sam Van Der Reijden (Verbier) - 15 darts

* Highest Checkout: Elliot Jones (Verbier) - 106

* Most 100-139 scores: Josh Graham (Clapham) - 53

* Most 140-179 scores: Carlos Becks (Medway) - 9

* 180 Club: Josh Graham, Neil Davis, Sam Van Der Reijden (2), Elliot Jones, Gary Hinton (1)

* Lowest Total Average: Josh Glover (Verbier) - 33.55

* Lowest 1 Match Average: Clare Dudfield (Verbier) - 24.13

* Worst Leg: Clare Dudfield (Verbier) - 115 darts

* Least 100+ scores: Sam Jephson (Verbier) - 3

Congratulations to all our winners, and roll on the next round!

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