Champion of Champions' 2021 Review

On the 25th and 26th September we hosted our very first Champion of Champions tournament! This tournament involved the multi-league champions from all of our 3 league area locations and one wildcard entry. The players were:

  1. Ali Smith (Clapham R-Up) in green

  2. Kamil Mocar (Medway Champion) in white

  3. Paul Daniels (Former Medway Champion) in red

  4. Reece Foxon (Former x2 Verbier Champion) in black

Also at the event was organiser & referee Elliot Jones. Head of media, Logan Foxon and Kamil brought along his partner Darina for support. Alan Jones & Pamela McDonald did a fantastic job providing the catering and accommodation for the event from Bay Lodge.

Our 4 players competed in 9 sporting events over 2 days. Our 8 sports in which we run leagues, plus one mystery sport:

  1. Tennis

  2. Golf

  3. Table tennis

  4. Badminton

  5. Pool

  6. Snooker

  7. Darts

  8. Squash (Cancelled & changed to mini-golf)

  9. Petanque (Mystery Sport)

Our pre tournament predictions had Reece as the favourite, predicting he would take home 33 points. We predicted Magic (Paul Daniels) to gain 25 points, with Kamil on 22 and Ali 19. Reece was a heavy favourite in the golf & tennis, Magic a heavy favourite in the darts, pool & snooker. While badminton, table tennis & squash looked to be between Ali, Kamil & Reece.

The scoring for each event was as follows:

1st & unbeaten - 5 points

1st & one defeat - 4 points

2nd - 3 points

3rd - 2 points

4th - 1 point

The host venue for the event was the outstanding guesthouse Bay Lodge in Minnis Bay, Birchington. The players that qualified for the tournament were gifted FREE accommodation AND food for the weekend. They arrived at the Bay Lodge at 8am Saturday morning and after a brief meeting and a live draw, we made our way to the first event.

Event 1 - Tennis (Birchington Bowls Club)

Ali Smith 10-1, 10-7 Paul Daniels

Reece Foxon 10-7, 5-10, 10-0 Kamil Mocar

Reece Foxon 10-3, 10-5 Ali Smith

Kamil Mocar 10-7, 10-2 Paul Daniels

Reece Foxon 10-2, 10-3 Paul Daniels

Kamil Mocar 10-3, 10-4 Ali Smith

The tennis went according to the form book, Reece won 3/3 but he did lose a set to Kamil. Paul Daniels was the only player that didn't play tennis beforehand and he did remarkably well considering.

The players then went back to the Bay Lodge for a buffet style lunch provided by the Bay Lodge. Before making their way to Stoneless Golf Centre to play the 'Heights' championship 9 hole course.

Event 2 - Golf (Stonelees Golf Centre)

1st - Reece Foxon (+4)

2nd - Ali Smith (+13)

3rd - Kamil Mocar (+28)

4th - Paul Daniels (+29)

Ali, Kamil & Reece all bogeyed the first. A triple bogey left Daniels 3 adrift. Ali & Reece both made pars on the 2nd and 3rd as Kamil slipped 6 shots behind and Daniels 9 behind. Hole 4 saw a bogey for Reece and a double for Ali, but hole 5 is where things changed at the top. Reece sunk a birdie, while Ali's triple bogey left him 5 shots behind. Attention turned to Daniels & Mocar, and things changed dramatically as Daniels took a 3 shot lead after the 7th hole. But on the 8th Daniels had a shocker, losing 2 balls before picking up, Mocar levelled the scores with a great putt and they went into the last hole level. By this point, Reece has sewn up the win, 8 shots clear of Ali. Ali himself had sewn up 2nd, a massive 14 shots ahead of the others. In the battle for 3rd it was advantage Daniels after the final tee shots, Daniels hit the middle of the fairway, Mocar mishit left and it took him a 2nd shot to reach Daniels 1st. However Daniels was so unlucky on his 2nd, hitting into a ditch and having to take a drop. By the time both players were on the green, Kamil had a one shot advantage, and thats all it took for him to secure 3rd pace. For this event, the winner needed to not lose a hole to gain 5 points, And Ali denied Reece all 5 by winning hole 6 by a shot.

Overall standings after 2 events:

1st Reece Foxon (9pts)

2nd Ali Smith (5)

2nd Kamil Mocar (5)

4th Paul Daniels (2)

Event 3 - Table tennis (Ursuline College)

Ali Smith 3-1 (3-11, 11-7, 11-6, 11-5) Paul Daniels

Kamil Mocar 3-0 (11-4, 11-9,11-8) Reece Foxon

Reece Foxon 3-0 (11-4, 11-3, 11-7) Ali Smith

Kamil Mocar 3-0 (11-5, 11-8, 11-4) Paul Daniels

Reece Foxon 3-0 (11-7, 11-8, 11-9) Paul Daniels

Kamil Mocar 3-1 (8-11, 12-10, 11-5, 11-7) Ali Smith

Reece finally suffered his first defeat as Kamil won the table tennis event in style, though he did drop 1 game to Ali. Magic suffered his 3rd consecutive last place, but he was competitive in this event.

Overall standings after 3 events:

1st Reece Foxon (12)

2nd Kamil Mocar (10)

3rd Ali Smith (7)

4th Paul Daniels (3)

Event 4 - Badminton (Ursuline College)

Ali Smith 11-6, 11-4 Paul Daniels

Reece Foxon 11-6, 11-2 Kamil Mocar

Kamil Mocar 11-4, 11-4 Paul Daniels

Reece Foxon 11-2, 8-11, 11-7 Ali Smith

Reece Foxon 11-6, 11-1 Paul Daniels

Kamil Mocar 11-7, 11-5 Ali Smith

Reece gained revenge on Kamil immediately, but he was run very close by Ali. Daniels suffered a 4th consecutive bottom place finish, but his best events were coming later on.

Overall standings after 4 events:

1st Reece Foxon (17)

2nd Kamil Mocar (13)

3rd Ali Smith (9)

4th Paul Daniels (4)

After event 4 we returned to the Bay Lodge where the players and staff were treated to a Chilli Con Carne or a Chicken Korma Curry, provided again by the fantastic Bay Lodge.

Event 5 - Pool (Frames Snooker Club)

Reece Foxon 3-2 Ali Smith

Paul Daniels 3-0 Kamil Mocar

Reece Foxon 3-0 Kamil Mocar

Ali Smith 3-0 Paul Daniels

Ali Smith 3-0 Kamil Mocar

Paul Daniels 3-1 Reece Foxon

The pool was arguably the most exciting event of the competition! Ali blew a 2-0 lead in the opening match, losing out to Reece 3-2, but then Ali shocked the favourite, Magic 3-0. With Ali, Reece & Magic beating Kamil 3-0, it came down to Reece v Magic, Reece needing to win to finish 1st and deny Ali. Magic could only finish 2nd with a 3-0 or 3-1 win. A 3-1 win it was, with Reece suffering just his 2nd defeat of the weekend, and giving the chasing pack hope after finishing 3rd in this event, despite 2 wins. Ali won his first and only event of the weekend.

Overall standings after 5 events

1st Reece Foxon (19)

2nd Kamil Mocar (14)

3rd Ali Smith (13)

4th Paul Daniels (7)

Event 6 - Snooker (Frames Snooker Club)

Ali Smith 65-19 Kamil Mocar

Paul Daniels 39-35 Reece Foxon

Reece Foxon 52-8 Kamil Mocar

Paul Daniels 55-23 Ali Smith

Paul Daniels 63-27 Kamil Mocar

Reece Foxon 54-39 Ali Smith

This event went to the form book, though Reece narrowly lost out to Magic in the opening frame. Magic claimed his first 1st place. Reece now had a huge 7 point lead going into the final 3 events, he was on the verge of the title.

Overall standings after 6 events:

1st Reece Foxon (22)

2nd Kamil Mocar (15)

3rd Ali Smith (15)

4th Paul Daniels (12)

Event 7 - Darts (Frames Snooker Club)

Reece Foxon 3-0 Kamil Mocar

Paul Daniels 3-0 Ali Smith

Ali Smith 3-0 Kamil Mocar

Paul Daniels 3-2 Reece Foxon

Paul Daniels 3-0 Kamil Mocar

Ali Smith 3-0 Reece Foxon

Kamil's title hopes were over as he suffered a 3rd successive bottom place, though he played much better than his results suggest in the darts. Reece pushed Magic close again, and Ali finally got a win over Reece, his only one of the tournament. The leaderboard was all change after this event, Reece's lead was cut to 6 points, and now Ali was 2nd, Magic 3rd, and Kamil dropping to bottom for the first time. Though Kamil was favourite for the squash.

1st Reece Foxon (24)

2nd Ali Smith (18)

3rd Paul Daniels (17)

4th Kamil Mocar (16)

That was the end of day 1, some players went out seeking another drink, others went back to their 4 star rooms at Bay Lodge to hit the hay.

Event 8 - Mini Golf (previously squash) (Lillyputt Mini Golf)

Unfortunately the squash event didn't go ahead due to unforeseen circumstances out of our hands.

1st Kamil Mocar (32)

2nd Reece Foxon (35)

3rd Paul Daniels (36)

4th Ali Smith (38)

Kamil took a 1 shot lead after hole 1, the others were all 1 shot behind. Ali then had 2 horrible holes and brought up the rear with 11, Kamil still led with 6, Reece 8, Magic 9. Kamil & Reece both made hole-in-ones on hole 4. Magic was now level with Ali on 13. A shocking 6 put Magic last at the halfway stage on 23. Ali was 3rd with 17, Reece 11, Kamil 10. Ali & Kamil both struggled on hole 7 and Reece took a 1 shot lead. After 9 holes it was Reece 22, Kamil 23, Ali 30, Magic 31. With 3 holes to play, things took a bad turn for Reece, he shot a 9 on the 10th hole. The scores got a lot tighter with 2 to play. Kamil 27, Reece 31, Ali & Magic 33. Reece just needed to finish 2nd or better to clinch the overall title. The 11th was a a bad hole for Ali, he fell 2 shots adrift. On the last hole there were hole-in-ones for Ali & Magic, but it was too late. Kamil won his 2nd event of the weekend and Reece had secured the overall title!

1st Reece Foxon (27)

2nd Kamil Mocar (20)

3rd Ali Smith (19)

4th Paul Daniels (19)

Event 9 - Petanque (Mystery Sport) (at Minnis Bay beach)

With just 1 point between them, 2nd was up for grabs, and nobody wanted to finish last. So there was still a lot to play for.

Reece Foxon 13-4 Ali Smith

Paul Daniels 13-7 Kamil Mocar

Reece Foxon 13-11 Kamil Mocar

Paul Daniels 13-9 Ali Smith

Reece Foxon 13-9 Paul Daniels

Kamil Mocar 13-0 Ali Smith

Reece & Magic won their openers, then Reece edged a tight match with Kamil, while Magic beat Ali to ensure he couldn't finish last. Ali v Kamil was a huge final match to finish the competition. A loss for either player would see that player finish last, and overall they were tied 4-4 for the previous 8 events. It was a whitewash for Kamil, condemning Ali to last place, after finishing the final 2 events in bottom place.

Overall Final Standings

1st Reece Foxon (32)

2nd Kamil Mocar (22)

3rd Paul Daniels (22)

4th Ali Smith (20)

Reece won our new, huge Champion of Champions trophy, plus a 3000ml bottle of Carlsberg!

A hugely successful, competitive & fun weekend, especially for Reece. We can't wait for 2022!

Do you want the chance of playing in this free, all expenses paid, unique competition? Just enter your local multi-sports league by entering 3 individual sports leagues and try to become the best multi-sportsperson in your local area!

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